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The white sandy Beach Mananga Aba

Pantai Kita (Our Beach) is in Manangaaba that is consisted of some villages: Ramadana, Karuni and Letekonda, and bewteen Karuni and Letekonda is a dry lake that is watery only when rainy seasons. The whole beach is about 5 Km long and all is with large white sandy that can not be found somewhere else. The water is calm because it is blokked by the large island Sumbawa besar, Komodo and Flores and it is facing north

How to go to there ?

Sumba Barat Daya has an airport called Tambolaka, and also an harbour at Waikelo, and the harbour are separated in two: one for passangers and the other one is for containers. The airport of Tambolaka can be reached by Fokker 100 from Denpasar in one hour. And with a speed boat from Waikelo, will need about 1,5 hour to Komodo island, and that is why it is an interesting site for investment. Tambolaka Airport is lon