Sumba Barat Daya has an airport called Tambolaka, and also an harbour at Waikelo, and the harbour are separated in two: one for passangers and the other one is for containers. The airport of Tambolaka can be reached by Fokker 100 from Denpasar in one hour. And with a speed boat from Waikelo, will need about 1,5 hour to Komodo island, and that is why it is an interesting site for investment.

Tambolaka Airport is long enough, and in the future it is easy to extend as much as we like, so there will be easy growth. 2 years ago only 2 plane of Merpati fly here, but today merpati airlines fly every day, lion Air fly 4 times a week and Trans Nusa fly 3 times a week.

Now we have hotels already growing, easy to get air condition room at the Sinat Tambolaka Hotel who is now starting to build more rooms owing to the heavy demand. A nice store and marketĀ  and shops for everything are needed here at Waitabula, anyone to invest ?

BNI 46 Bank is only in Waikabubak, in Waitabula only BRI bank, I wonder Bank like BCA why they dont open a brach here, also we need to see Excell Telecom to be present as well, as Telkomsel without competitor take it so easy in serving the community.

20 Minutes from the Tambolaka Airport is the famous white sandy Beach, the Pantai Kita, still virgin and so calm. On 9 October, this site with Mario Eco lodge, The Governor of NTT, Bishop of Sumba and the Head of Regency put the corner stones, meaning that Pantai Kita is officialy ready for inventor to start building and bring tourists.

Below you can see some maps about Sumba Barat Daya: