Pantai Kita (Our Beach) is in Manangaaba that is consisted of some villages: Ramadana, Karuni and Letekonda, and bewteen Karuni and Letekonda is a dry lake that is watery only when rainy seasons. The whole beach is about 5 Km long and all is with large white sandy that can not be found somewhere else.

The water is calm because it is blokked by the large island Sumbawa besar, Komodo and Flores and it is facing north, where Sun rise meet with Sun Set. It is quite different from the beaches on south Sumba, where they have 3 to 5 meter surf and constant wind from the Indian Ocean. They say this site is one of the best surfing sites in Indonesia.

75 meters from the edge of Pantai Kita beach, we can find a dropp-off that is good site for snorkelling and diving, and so many different types of colourful aquarium fish can be found here.

From the Tambobala airport that is going to be developed into the gate way to the east Indonesia, it takes only 20 minutes to reach this Pantai Kita Beach. Below you can see some extreemely nice photoes about this beach:





You can contact me at: for any info about investment in Sumba Barat Daya.  I live in Bali, the Kuta Beach. But the beach of Pantai Kuta, is not to be compared to the Pantai Kita in Sumba interms of the whiteness and the calmness.