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What a Magical Day 10-10-10-10

The opening ceremony of the SBD Civic Center and Pantai Kita Tourism Resorts At 09.00 AM in the morning on 10 October 2010, the people and officials are ready to witness the most historical day at all times in Sumba Barat Daya. Starting with a large folklore dances with 2010 students of highschool children, then the sky diving by 10 military jumper from Kupang, and the signing ceremony by the Governor Frans Lebu Ra

Preparation Ceremony 9 October 2010

16, ooo People were on the Ceremony They have set a magic date to commemorate the opening of the big House of people the Offices of Bupati and 10 Head Sections on 10 October 2010, 10 AM in the morning. As a tradition, one day before this Big day, there is a blood shed sacrifice and this ceremony was chaired by Bupati Cornelius Kodi Mete, and witnessed by the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Timur Dr Frans Lebu Raya. There

Waikelo Harbour at Sumba Barat Daya

Great Infrastructure on Harbour Waikelo Harbour is only 15 minutes drive from the Airport of Tumbelaka. And I see that this development is correctly done. They have built 2 parts with a good distance; one part is for goods and one part is for passanger Boats. They are also building a large tank near the harbour where Pertamina can supply oil and petrol to this island. They are all now ready for operations. With the

Airport is being Built and more planes

3 Airlines companies now Serve Sumba Barat Daya When I went to Sumba 3 years ago, I had to stay for 3 or 4 nights because there were only 2 planes a week served by Merpati airlines and that also were not on fixed schedulle. But now, woooow, we have daily flights by Merpati airlines, 4 Flights a week by Lion Air and 3 Flights a week by Trans Nusa. This alone can make everyone think that Sumba especially Sumba Barat

The Beach Got Blessings earthly and heavenly

The first corner stones were placed on 09 October 2010 The evening before the large ceremonies of the opening the Government Headquarter on 10-10-10-10, a special ceremony was done at the starting point of developments of Pantai Kita, by the Governor of NTT Dr. Frans Lebu Raya , by The Bupati Sumba Barat Daya Dr Cornelius Kodi Mete, Vice Bupati Jakobus Malo Bulu, and by the Archbishop Edmund Wora. This ceremony w