The first corner stones were placed on 09 October 2010

The evening before the large ceremonies of the opening the Government Headquarter on 10-10-10-10, a special ceremony was done at the starting point of developments of Pantai Kita, by the Governor of NTT Dr. Frans Lebu Raya , by The Bupati Sumba Barat Daya Dr Cornelius Kodi Mete, Vice Bupati Jakobus Malo Bulu, and by the Archbishop Edmund Wora. This ceremony was witnessed by Al Purwa and friends from Bali and by all Government dignitaries.

This is a historical day for Pantai Kita. This development programs is fully supported by the Government of Sumba Barat Daya, they have started to build a 22 meter wide road to the site, they already started to bring electricity and water to the site, and they are very proud to talk about this project whereever possible.

Below are some photoes of speeches, and other participants of the ceremony:



Among the enthusiast persons are above: Governor, Bupati, Bishop, Sekda, investors like Al Purwa, Hanny Arianto, Sudarma, Hanes, Giri and many others who wish to see the Sumba Barat Daya will become a next destinations after Bali.

The Pantai Kita is on the northwest part of Sumba an d about 25 minutes drive from the large Tambolaka Airport that can become the gate to the east Indonesia, below we can see the airport and the road being constructed:



Since 2 years ago when I started to talk about possible future of the Sumba Island with Dr. Cornelius the Bupati and Bapak Jacob the Vice Bupati, a lot has happened: The Waikelo harbour is now ready to receive large boats and this harbour is about 15 minutes drive from the airport. Most of main roads including to the harbour are made 30 Meter wide.

The Government building is already compleeted, another story on the next pages, all roads infrastructutes are done correctly – 30 meters wide.

Two years ago I had to sleep on the Melati losmen that had only 6 rooms with no air conditioned and WC “Jongkok”, now they already have one hotel very clean with 40 rooms and air conditioned.

Sumba is booming, now there are many people coming every day to look for possible investments, said Bapak Nyoman Agus the chief of General Buildings. They all are looking for land to start with investment. Then I am thinking in my mind, thanks God, my talking on web, emails, and other publications are heard. As a Governor of Rotary International Indonesia, a part of my tasks have been fullfilled, making people to come to invest in Sumba, and that will help many people who have been under the lines of poverty.

Read my next comments on the other developments. By: Al Purwa