Great Infrastructure on Harbour

Waikelo Harbour is only 15 minutes drive from the Airport of Tumbelaka. And I see that this development is correctly done. They have built 2 parts with a good distance; one part is for goods and one part is for passanger Boats. They are also building a large tank near the harbour where Pertamina can supply oil and petrol to this island.

They are all now ready for operations. With the existance of these harbours, they can anker larger boats which can take many trucks as well, and this will help the island and next ilands to have supply of building materials and others with reasonable prices.

We all know when a harbour and an airport is ready for larger crowd, they will be the key of a successful destination for tourism. All roads that connect this harbour, the airport of Tambolaka and the center of Government offices and the city of Waitabula is planned to have access road of 30 meters wide. What a supperb planning.

Read about the Airport and about the Government Offfices.

By Al Purwa