10-10-10-10 is the starting point for the History of SBD:

The new government offices include Rumah Besar kita (Bupati Office) was inaugurated, and I also started to make foundation of the new coming Mario’s Cafe in Pantai Kita. With the blessings of Governor Frans Lebu Raya and Archbishop Edmund Wore and the smart Bupati Kornelius, I am sure nothing can go wrong.

Most important is that the local people have to start adapting themselves to be more polite and more polished in dealing with incoming investors, give the investors insentives, and make them feel secure in investing and improve the infrastructure all together. Now I see that in 2 years, from 3 flights a week has changed into 14 flights a week to Tambolaka, a very significant improvement.

Starting to make foundation of Mario Hotel & Cafe:

The road from the main road to Pantai kita is about 8 kilometers, and they have started to build a 22 meters large road, a very good starting point of infrastructure:

And the opening of Rumah Besar together with laying corner stones of Pantai kita with all raod in the city of Waitabila and Tambolaka to be made 30 meters wide, the future is certainly there:

I have decided to use a lot of local materials because they have a lot of great teak wood, Mahogani wood and other local woods that they have been using for many centuries. Since today is 24 December 2010, to those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas with the hope the spirit of peace that come along with it will bring peace to Sumba as well and together with you we will prosper.

Al purwa