Having the great airport Tambolaka and new harbor Waikelo, Sumba Barat Daya has very great potential for investment in every way. The new hall at the airport is newly built and road constractions are everywhere, a lot of helps come from the central goverment because it is part of the areas in behind parts of Indonesia.

Only 2 years ago Merpati flu only 3 times a week with low load factor, now 4 airlines serve Tambolaka with 16 flights a week. People come and go and start investing land and building many kind of things. When you start investment with Zero condition, nothing will go wrong, the prices of land can only go up.

Pantai Kita with its new sign board and the beginning of a cafe construction:















The sunset at pantai kita is very clean because there is no polution what so ever in Sumba, the air is very clean and at night you will see so many stars that you can not see from any other parts of the world. And it is nice to see the originality on the road. When having parties, yes, they have a lot of parties, they use a lot of buffaloes and the long horn usually goes to the house of the rumah adat, hang in front of the houses.