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Some Chicken Dance in Sumba:

I have not yet the chance to make photoes of the famous Pasola and Dance, but here are some photos I took when we visited the SD Kalakambe that Rotary Club Bali Kuta built years ago. And whenever we visited again we usually bring some books and writing books and they dance for us:

How do you get food in Sumba Barat Daya ?

Food and Drinks in Sumba Barat Daya: Hello…you are not exactly in the jungle now. 3 years ago, yes, I found it very difficult for me to have decent dinner, I had Nasi goreng for breakfast, nasi goreng for lunch and Nasi goring for dinner, and there was only one small inn with only 6 rooms without AC, NO hot water and no mono block toilet. I tell you that was rough life. Now, 3 years later you can come and liv

Why Sumba Barat Daya for investment:

When we make a property investment we look for location that is starting from scratch and having close to the fire (Bali) and local government understand the needs to invite investors to accelerate development, and that happens in Sumba Barat Daya now. Here is some photos that confirm this:    

After 2 years – Now you can see great development

Sumba Barat Daya showing a great sign to grow fast: First the Airport Tambolaka looks great, need to finish works but we can see that A320-200 can easily land there. Now 16 flights a week with full passengers every time comparing only 3 fights a week. The runway is lengthen and enlarged, the arrival and departure halls soon to be ready. The parking lots is now enough for 1000 cars, far more availability than they n