Last week 16 Rotarians from 5 Rotary Clubs from District 3600 Korea visited Ramadana, Loura Sumba Barat Daya to visit Rotary Project to help 3 schools : SD Gokata, SD Mananga Aba and SD Bali Loura for water – sanitation and hygiene projects.

They were very impressed with the hospitalities of the Sumba people and also very sorry to see the real poverty in the island, and they promised to make more projects in Sumba in the future. One Rotary Club President said that he had never been to Indonesia before, and hearing about Bali and island full of exoticism and destination of honeymooners , in his heart he questions why should we bring help to Bali ? Now after visiting Sumba, he understand and agreed that helps to be brought to Indonesia.

The other presidents said they are very happy to be able to come and share the projects, and no regret whatsoever and still want to make projects with Rotary Club Bali Kuta, with President Handoko and President elect Slamet Widodo.

As a team chair, PDG Aloysius Purwa, is very happy that this visit was very fruitful and I wish to see that more Districts in the world are eager to help Sumba, the same feelings given by our friends in D2500 Hokaido Japan, and also from D5100 Oregon USA and a few Districts in Australia.

A great feelings to see it happens – AloysiusIMG_2841 IMG_2873 IMG_2897 IMG_3068 IMG_3002 IMG_2973 IMG_2989 IMG_3052