IMG-20140213-WA008 IMG-20140213-WA007 IMG-20140213-WA005 IMG-20140213-WA004 IMG-20140213-WA002Rotary works hand in hand with the Government of Sumba Barat Daya, Since 6 years ago Rotary built school, built water projects and sanitation projects,
Rotarians gave input, ideas and investments since 3 years ago, a lot of things have happened – a lot of progresses have been done, and the results of
the starting of economy and community developments clearly can be seen and felt.
The airport Tambolaka has been developed and enlarged its tarmac, the runways enlarged from 30 meters into 45 meters, the length of the runway is now
2200 meters and can easily enlarged again as the land is ready and plentiful and now we talk about making it an International airport. The roads are built in 
many areas to connect a lot of new areas and beaches. The solar power is enough to cater the whole Sumba Barat Daya, and the plan is to build more
solar panels to fulfill the need of electricity for the whole Sumba.
Small and medium businessmen are emerging and so much opportunities are growing that attract many futuristic entrepreneurs to come to Sumba. Everybody
now is talking about Sumba, great land island, great people with smiles and great stone age cultures that is still rare to be found in the world. Starting with best
5 eco hotels in the world in Sumba, will be followed by many eco friendly business.
Below is the Airport Tambolaka, used to land a large Garuda plane by President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono, and red carpet follows the arrival, when His 
excellency visit Labuhan Bajo  for the “Sail Komodo” program. He then fly smaller plane or helicopter from Tambolaka to Labuhan Bajo. This is a sign that
this Tambolaka airport is capable to receive larger planes rather  than just ATR 72.
Within this 3 years, a drastic changes have happened, more that 70 Rotarians and friends have invested in the Sumba Barat Daya, all they need now is to build
something, whatever it is – it will grow. President Handoko of RC Bali Kuta has opened “Alam Hijau Resto” completed with a great futsal and fitness center and soon
his group will build a hotel near the Tambolaka airport that is really needed if we want to grow tourism there. Mario Hotel & Cafe, has been developed on the best
white sandy beach Pantai Kita Mananga Aba, 15 minutes from Tambolaka Airport. And when others are building anything eco friendly on this beach will create
a lot of Job for Sumba people.
Rotary is indeed – when it comes – it changes live.  Aloysius