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For many decades in the area of Ramadana, Loura, the people have no clean water and there is not any river near by, all the rain water that is only 4 months a year goes gown deep between the chalk stones at 85 meters deep. The people have to buy water for Rp.150,000 per tank that is considered very expensive if compared to their average income of Rp.200,000 per month.

Until we Rotarians prove that we can drill water at the depth of 85 meters 3 years ago, no body ever thought it was possible to have clean water on this area. Now Rotary Club Bali Kuta with partners to help drill water at 3 schools: SD Mananga Aba, SD Bali Loura and SD Gokata, everyone jumps with happiness, the children drink directly from the well. It is a very successful project.

We need more supports to support them – Aloysius