Sumba island is an Indonesian Southeast Asian island. It is part of the small Sunda Islands and falls within the province of the smaller islands of the Eastern Sunda – NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur)

The island is located south-east of Sumbawa Island, southwest of Flores Island, infront of Komodo Island, west of Timor Island and north of Australia.?It has an area of 11,153 km ², about 220 km long and 40km to more than 70 km wide.?The highest point is Gunung Wanggameti (1225 meters), a mountain located south island.

The current inhabitants of the island arrived in Southeast Asia around the 11th century from India via the Malacca Strait and the island of Java, and settled in the peninsula of Tanjung Sassar northwest of the island. We still don’t know now if before the arrival of its new occupants, Sumba was totally virgin or already occupied by an original population. It remains unclear in this case if the were decimated.?From various ethnic origins, newcomers brought with them animism and arabian horses, from the trade between Arabia and India.?Sumba is part of the list of « dependant regions » of the Javanese kingdom of Majapahit mentioned in Nagarakertagama, an epic poem written in 1365 .?From the 15th century, with the first Portuguese trading posts and Javanese muslims, barter trade grew especially with horses, but also sandalwood (which was the main island’s wealth) for porcelain, jewelry and weapons.?Tomé Pires, a Portuguese apothecary who lived Malacca from 1512 to 1515 ( conquered by the Portuguese in 1511) notes in his Oriental Suma that sandalwood comes from Sumba and Timor.

The first Europeans arrived in 1522. The island became part of the Dutch East Indies in 1866 but the Dutch administration only set at the beginning of the 20th century. It was during this period that the beginning of the evangelization started with the establishment of Catholic and Protestant missions.

Administratively, Sumba is part of the province of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is divided into 4 kabupaten:?- West Sumba?- Northwest Sumba?- Central Sumba?- East Sumba?. The island had a population of 685.184 inhabitants during the 2010 census.?The main town of Sumba is Waingapu, with a population of about 50.000 inhabitants.?Between 25% and 30% of the population practice a traditional religion called Marapu. the rest is Christian, mostly Calvinist but with a significant Catholic minority. A small number of Muslims are found in coastal areas.

Sumbanese people speak languages of the subgroup called « Bima-Sumba » the malayo-polynesian branch of the Austronesian languages.?Sumba is connected by air to Bali, the only true international tourist destination in Indonesia. The main airports are Waingapu and Tambolaka.

Tambolaka is located on Northwest Sumba (Sumba Barat Daya) close to Waikelo Harbor, and increasing in use from only 3 flights 4 years ago, and now 19 flights a week, the airport is growing fast with the length of 2200 meters runway and 45meter wide.

Nowdays many populations are moving into Sumba Barat Daya getting along with the fast development and becoming the gateway of Tourism of Sumba, the population now is 385,000, said the Bupati Sumba Barat Daya.

Soon Sumba will become the Destination of Choice after Bali because they have beautiful beaches such as Pantai Kita Mananga Aba, Oro Beach, Ramadana Beach, Karuni Beach, Karendi Beach, Beaches in Kodi, Marosi and Many more. Visit, one of the best 5 eco hotel in the world.

Sumba is a unique island with lots of surprises and discoveries, a lot of Dive Sites, Surfing sites, rare cockatoos, sandalwood, cashew nuts and friendly tribes. The main city at Tambolaka is called Weetabula.

The ancient Merapu belief is able to retain the old traditions like Pasola, Traditional Village, and Large stone sarcophagus can be seen in many parts of Sumba. Some parts of sumba like Sumba Tengah has a lot of water bed on the ground and has large Waikelo sawah spring, while the Sumba Barat Daya is very dry. All sumba is based on chalk stone.

The beaches close to the Tambolaka Airport are great, especial 15 minutes away from the Airport is the best beach the Pantai Kita Mananga Aba. Investors are streaming to this beach.

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