After waiting for about one year, it has been decided by the central Government and inducted by the then Interior minister Gamawan Fauzy, now the Bupati SBD is Mr. Markus D.T and the Vice Bupati is Mr. Ndara.

We hope on the leadership of both gentlemen, Sumba Barat Daya will be quicker in development in many ways, the programs from previous government like water and electricity as well as infrastructure must be given priority.

They were both living in Jakarta for along time, and understand how business to be handled for the benefit of the people. Hopefully with all the connection they have in the central Government in Jakarta can be used to speed up the economic development in Sumba Barat Daya.

The Vice Bupati Ndara told us the the first two priority are : Agriculture and Tourism. Indeed both of this sectors must be given lots of attention so that they can self supporting in food through their main plantation, cashew nuts, corn, sweet potatoes and bananas.

Indeed the Tourism sector is exactly to be developed as this business can give so much trickle down effects and give jobs to many people in every ways. They have improved the airport runways and parking area as well as check in and arrival halls. They are improving the roads and soon they will need to improve the Waikelo harbor and last but not least they must improve the man power by improving the system of education and better health.

A lot is hoped from the new leader and a lot to be done, but with hard and honest works by everyone, success will be coming soon.

Aloysius Purwa