Mr Markus and Mr Ndara are the new Bupati (Chief) and Vice Bupati of Sumba Barat Daya, with many experiences living and business in the Capital City of Jakarta.

They are the Chief and Vice Chief of Sumba Barat Daya that is developing very fast. Start from looking at the Tambolaka Airport, they keep on improving and developing all the time, the run ways is extended everytime until soon B737 200 or 300 can land easily in Sumba.

This Tambolaka airport will be easy to be destined to be International airport when the conditions is better, then only 1,5 hour fly from Darwin, 3 hours from Perth, and 2,5 hours from Singapore or 3 hours from Kualalumpur. This airport can also be used for hubs to fly with smaller aircraft to smaller islands near by.

These 2 Gentlemen understand business well, and most important will create friendly environment to investors who want to build and invest in SBD with speedy arrangements of permits. This is the key to success, holding up permit for investors will not benefit anyone.

They also said to have larger harbor is also very important so that greater boats and ferries can be used to bring goods and merits to Sumba, they continue building larger roads, spread electricity and water to most parts of Sumba Barat Daya.

Soon Pantai Mananga Aba ( with the brand of Pantai Kita) will be given attention to start tourism development fast by improving the road, bringing electricity and water there. One bridge to be build to make the Pantura road between Ramadana and Waikelo to function, and if this is fungctioning, it will take only 7 minutes from the airport to Mario Hotel and Cafe at Mananga Aba.

Anyone who is serious to build, are welcome to talk with him and they promised to help what are needed, and that make sense. Below are some photoes of the talks.

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