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12.12.12 Investment starting:Mananga Aba and the City

Among 70 Businessmen who followed my steps to support and encouraged the economy and community developments in SBD, some of them already invested funds in Kodi Beach, some in Oro Beach, some at Mananga Aba, Karuni, Lettekonda, Kawona, Karendi Beach and also in the city of Tambolaka and weeitabula. A small Hotel (will be called Mario’s Hotel and Cafe) is starting to be seen at the Mananga Aba Beach / Karuni Be

How do you get food in Sumba Barat Daya ?

Food and Drinks in Sumba Barat Daya: Hello…you are not exactly in the jungle now. 3 years ago, yes, I found it very difficult for me to have decent dinner, I had Nasi goreng for breakfast, nasi goreng for lunch and Nasi goring for dinner, and there was only one small inn with only 6 rooms without AC, NO hot water and no mono block toilet. I tell you that was rough life. Now, 3 years later you can come and liv