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Many development of Tambolaka Airport ready Feb 2017

The boarding lounge is already great with airconditioning After 7 years of frequent visits to Sumba Barat Daya, we can see many development from time to time at the great airport Tambolaka, the only airport in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) that can easily be extended, lengthened and widened and possibly be used to be a great International airport and can be a hub to feed small aircrafts to all islands in NTT and also

Nota Nyata pembangunan SBD dalam 2 tahun

Jalan Weetabula selesai dengan lebar 30 meter, jalan Waikelo selesai dengan 20 meter, Jalan Waikelo – Airport Tambolaka selesai 20 meter, Jalan Pantai Newa-Oro-Mananga Aba selesai 10 meter. Toko – toko besar sudah muncul sepanjang jalan weetabula, Bank BRI, Bank BNI, Bank NTT sudah buka dengan cantik. Rumah makan Valentino ikan segar, Warung Jawa Lamongan, warung sate ayam sebelah Bank NTT enak sekali,

This is Pantai Mananga Aba, started to change !

10-10-10-10 is the starting point for the History of SBD: The new government offices include Rumah Besar kita (Bupati Office) was inaugurated, and I also started to make foundation of the new coming Mario’s Cafe in Pantai Kita. With the blessings of Governor Frans Lebu Raya and Archbishop Edmund Wore and the smart Bupati Kornelius, I am sure nothing can go wrong. Most important is that the local people have t

The Beach Got Blessings earthly and heavenly

The first corner stones were placed on 09 October 2010 The evening before the large ceremonies of the opening the Government Headquarter on 10-10-10-10, a special ceremony was done at the starting point of developments of Pantai Kita, by the Governor of NTT Dr. Frans Lebu Raya , by The Bupati Sumba Barat Daya Dr Cornelius Kodi Mete, Vice Bupati Jakobus Malo Bulu, and by the Archbishop Edmund Wora. This ceremony w